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South Carolina Beach

by | Jan 15, 2020 | Blog

If you’ve never been to the beach, you’re missing out. The warm rays of sun, the crashing waves, the sound of the surf, and smell of the salt water are a force to be reckoned with. The beach is that ideal escapism from the routine of the mundane cubicle that holds you captive on a daily basis. While there are many beaches to choose form when in search of that perfect vacation, South Carolina beach is certainly one of the most preferred. Well of course, that’s only if you like the bright sun and warm tide soaking your tired feet as you relax in the soft sand.

G uests will soon be able to rent a beach house that once belonged to billionaire Ted Turner’s family on a private South Carolina island, state officials say.


Many of us hit the beaches for Spring break and simple summer fun. We have nothing in mind but relaxation. The beach just seems to melt away our relentless stress. South Carolina beach is a perfect example of this break from reality. All along this coast you will find spots to suit you much desired leisure. Myrtle Beach is a wonderful one that does the trick for me. This beautiful hot spot attracts loads of beach goers every year. If you crave a peaceful atmosphere with the sandy surf and maybe some shops to browse through, this is the spot for you. I first went to Myrtle Beach as a child with my family. This is the South Carolina beach that got me hooked on the ocean. The bright, warm sand between your toes as you sprint along the water’s edge.

If you’re one of those travelers who’ve visited the Atlantic and the Pacific ocean, you know that there are distinct differences. After spending 15 years in North Carolina and three years in Oregon, I made many trips to the coast. While the east coast beaches such as the South Carolina beach were rather warm in the summer with a bright sun and a gradual depth increase as you step out into the ocean, the Oregon coast was completely different. When I first headed to Newport Beach, I was shocked at the cold, windy weather, and freezing water of the Pacific ocean. Although I did enjoy Newport Beach in Oregon, it’s certainly not for everyone.

Warmer spots, such as the South Carolina beach will most likely suit your needs if you’re looking for that warm sun to frolic in or go surfing. College students flock to South Carolina beaches such as Myrtle every year for that fix of fun in the sun. A great place to begin your trip is online. You can search for the ideal South Carolina beach that will grant you with the perfect summer vacation, or spring break getaway.