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Beaches only became popular tourist attractions in the 18th century. Before then, they were considered dangerous and was feared by many. Now, three centuries later, the beach is one of the most famous vacation spots worldwide.

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Five Cheap Family Fun Activities You Can Organize On A Shoestring Budget

Five Cheap Family Fun Activities You Can Organize On A Shoestring Budget

Fill the hours with thanksgiving activities before it's time to fill your bellies. Source: Gone are the days when families can readily afford taking in a movie at the theatre every weekend, or even patronizing the local pizzeria. Most of us have scratched such activities from the family budget, just in order to make ends meet. However, this doesn't mean that family outings are...

Half Moon Bay California

Half Moon Bay California

While I am no travel advisor or expert on tourist attractions and what have you, I can speak to the beauty and wonder of Half Moon Bay, California, having just lived in the area for fourteen months, and having friends who live, work, and shop there. Between nature and industry, then, the combination, the symbiosis of two styles fitting and working together so beautiful is only bested by the dual joys of an ideal location. In other words, Half Moon Bay, California is a coastal town with...

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