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Five Cheap Family Fun Activities You Can Organize On A Shoestring Budget

by | Dec 10, 2019 | Blog

Fill the hours with thanksgiving activities before it’s time to fill your bellies.


Gone are the days when families can readily afford taking in a movie at the theatre every weekend, or even patronizing the local pizzeria. Most of us have scratched such activities from the family budget, just in order to make ends meet. However, this doesn’t mean that family outings are out of the question. We just need to find activities that are affordable.

Getting the whole family involved in a get together keeps family ties close and affords opportunities for communication that we may no longer have at the dinner table, due to schedules that don’t match up at the same time. Here are five ideas for cheap family fun that every member of the family will enjoy, despite budgetary constraints.

1.When was the last time your family went on a picnic? No matter where you live, there are plenty of public parks where you can have a picnic in beautiful surroundings. Pack up your lunch and a couple of blankets or beach chairs and get out in the fresh air. You’ll be eating lunch anyway, so this is indeed cheap family fun. Bring toys for younger kids to play with, a ball for older kids to play a game of catch and you’re in business. Board games provide more fun, so everyone has a good time.

2.Nature walks are virtually free, but for the gas it takes to get there. Now that gas prices are reasonable, this activity is cheap family fun at its finest. If you have a set of binoculars, bring them to spy out birds and forest critters. Go to the library and check out a field guide for your area. Kids and adults alike enjoy being able to identify plants, rocks, seashells or tide pool residents.

3.If you live in a metropolitan area, you’ve got a kid’s museum somewhere close by. Typically, there’s no admission fee. At worst, the entrance fee is nominal. Combine a picnic with the remainder of the afternoon spent checking out the kid’s museum. More cheap family fun on the hoof.

4.Biking is another great idea for a cheap family outing. If the kids all have their own bikes, but you and Dad don’t, you can rent bikes cheaply from your local bike shop. Almost every town in America has biking trails, some of which are quite picturesque. You discover new scenery and get some exercise as well.

5.Many community parks have swimming pools, volleyball courts, playgrounds, skateboarding areas and other kid friendly activities. Again, there’s no charge for making use of these city and county parks and there’s something for everyone to do. It gives the kids opportunities to make new friends, while parents can supervise while having a little quiet time to chat.

Cheap family fun ideas are everywhere. Once you put a little thought into finding these activities, you’ll see that you have tons of free, or next to free activities to fill months of weekends.