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Beach Photos

by | Mar 4, 2020 | Blog

Vacations are a wonderful thing. Any time that you have a break from your regular routine it seems that you spend more time noticing your surroundings. You take the time to “smell the roses”. This is especially true when you vacation by the beach. The atmosphere at the beach has a way of erasing the worries and concerns of life. A way to keep this feeling of relaxation after leaving the beach is through the use of beach photos. There are a variety of beach photos that can be used in your every day environment to enhance your mood.

Through the use of digital cameras and the advancements in photo finishing you can turn your own beach photos into art work for your home and office. By using personal beach photos not only to you bring the relaxation of the beach into your surroundings, but also memories of your vacation. If you are not skilled at taking pictures there are a number of beach photos that are available for framing. You can also use your favorite beach photos as the background on your computer screen.

The next theme for our weekly photography assignment, published in print in the Observer New Review is ‘paradise’.


A favorite restaurant in a resort town features multiple beach photos through out the establishment. These beach photos have been taken by the different customers that come to the restaurant. The beach photos depict the beach at different times of the day and also at different seasons. The beach photos add to the cozy atmosphere of the restaurant. The beach photos are rearranged and switched out with new ones consistently so the surroundings match the season.

Beach photos do not have to be limited to the ocean. There are beautiful beach photos of the great lakes areas as well as other freshwater lakes. These beach photos include the beauty of the surrounding wooded areas. There are beautiful beach photos of the Boundary Waters Canoe area located in northern Minnesota. These beach photos combine the pristine forests and the clear blue waters of the North Country.

By arranging beach photos that you have taken yourself or purchased from the wide variety of resources, you can create an entire wall of relaxation in an area of your home. The beach photos will help you relax at the end of the day and also help you to reflect on the beauty that is available in nature. Of all the pictures that you have accumulated through the years the beach photos most likely hold some of the best memories. It is a shame to keep these memories shoved away in albums. Make it a point to display your beach photos. Go out and purchase beach photos of areas that you have visited and enjoy the special beauty that these images hold.