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Asia Vacation

by | Mar 12, 2020 | Blog

Although the season for a vacation is just past, there will be many more reason to go for a great vacation in the days and years to come. If you are among those who has not had an opportunity to come to the Asian region, I suggest you make your next vacation an Asian vacation. Not only will you have the time of your life in your Asian vacation, but you will also discover the joys of a whole new culture and way of life. Make that several new cultures, as nearly each country in the Asian region has its own, unique culture which is guarded and zealously protected.

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Among the very first benefits of an Asian vacation will be the exchange value. All currencies in the Asian region are favorable when compared to the US dollar. So while on your Asian vacation, you can stretch your dollar to get you that much further and to do so much more. Add that to the fact that in regions like India and China there is always a craving for the green back and you can rest assured that you will manage the best deal.

The more important reason to go on an Asian vacation is of course the diversity of the region. With two of the world’s most populous nations I its embrace, the Asian region has an amazingly diverse breadth and scope to offer the traveler. Take India for instance. While here on your Asian vacation, you will discover that a single lifetime is not sufficient to explore all that India has to offer. You can either go the scenic route, the historical route, the cultural route, the religious route, the natural beauty route, the spa and health route or even the emerging, resurgent India route. But your Asian vacation better set aside a chunk of time to cover India alone.

The same is the case with China. Mainland China itself, with its millions of villages, cities and towns to see, will occupy a fair bit of your time. And when you consider that your Asian vacation will never be complete without visiting regions like Tibet, Hong Kong and Taiwan (associated in one way or another with China) you will see that you invariably will crave a longer vacation. And what is an Asian Vacation that does not include the famed temples of Cambodia and especially Angkor Vat in its itinerary? Most Americans ill also make Vietnam a part of their Asian vacation for obvious, historical reasons. Indonesia, Laos, Burma and Bhutan are often visited not just for their scenic beauty, but also for spiritual and religious reasons.

More contemporary Asian vacations will surely touch upon first world nations in the region like Singapore and Japan. While relatively small, both these nations have a standard of living that is comparably better than even life in the US. And each of them have their own reasons for being a part of your Asian vacation package. While Singapore is a veritable hub for everything, Japan is an exotic, far eastern mystery worth spending time on.